About us

In June 2023 XQ The News magazine was born from XQ Magazine, a unique transnational portal that promotes innovation, mobility and cultural cooperation on a European scale through exclusive written, audiovisual and interactive content in English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian and Portuguese, mostly edited by young journalists.

XQ Magazine was created in 2017 by the Fundació Periodisme Plural. Six years later, it has the support of the European Union Commission and is part of the XQ.EUJOY project, coordinated by Editorial Octaedro. Thus, the magazine’s inclusive journalism reaches a European dimension, with versions in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and English.

The link between journalism and education is at the heart of the XQ.Eujoy project. This is why it brings together entities such as the Fundació Periodisme Plural, Editorial Octaedro, Dataninja, Idea dinámica and Aspea.

It is an initiative that aims to provide young people with the keys to and the reasons behind the news. The aim is to create journalistic and pedagogical tools to understand current affairs and transmit democratic values of citizenship, community, solidarity and involvement in the defence of human rights through a careful and responsible interpretation of the news.

XQ The News is designed for children, adolescents and young people, but also for all those who, for whatever reason, need information that is more accessible and easier to understand. In this way, the magazine aims to contribute to lifelong learning.

The articles in XQ The News can be used as educational resources in the context of so-called ‘e-learning’, which encompasses a huge diversity of educational and learning practices involving the use of the Internet or some kind of networked technology.

It is a fully inclusive project. The news items have a toolbar so that the user can choose the level at which they want to read the article – A (advanced) and B (basic). Each piece of content is accompanied by a series of multiple-choice questions to assess understanding of each news item, as well as complementary content for teachers to use in their classes.

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